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Character Artist - Technical Breakdown

Behind the scenes at New Frontier Presents, we are witnessing the rapid evolution of mobile and browser technologies. This progress enables us to effortlessly access interactive 3D websites by simply entering a URL on any device. At NFP, we are actively transforming this dream into reality, envisioning a future where users can bring their digital presence, embodied as avatars, into these platforms and seamlessly navigate the entire internet with them.

We are approaching the realization of a remarkable vision: the ability for users to effortlessly transition from one platform to another while retaining their avatars and all their customized features, which dynamically adapt to meet the technical requirements of each platform.

Imagine the possibilities of seamlessly moving from a role-playing game to a first-person shooter, all the while keeping your hard-earned loot. Picture yourself utilizing your webcam or microphone to convey subtle facial expressions and emotions. Moreover, you would have the freedom to choose your preferred mode of interaction—whether it's through a touchpad, mouse and keyboard, virtual reality, or mixed reality.

At New Frontier Presents, we are pushing the boundaries of what is possible, revolutionizing the way users engage with online platforms and unlocking a new level of immersion and continuity in the digital realm.

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